Guild Wars Reporter 2013 Holiday Show

No paid expansion in 2013
9th Profession – Macreme dooer – $25US
A shoutcasting style system will be added to the game, similar to the system that Firefall currently have in place.
Old Lore will further be expanded through Fractals. Expect big story moments in GW1 to be revisited!
Dungeon Difficulty will NOT be nerfed.
Quaggan will be playable in 2013!
Celeste’s Predictions
Full Paid expansion by August 2013 – A Wild Cantha Appears!
Maguuma Wastes added leading to the still surviving Mursaat at the Isle of Janthir as a mini paid dlc (20$USD)
Fractals expanded with older lore (giganticus lupicus that isn’t undead and isn’t tiny!) by May
Level upscaling in more places, not just fractals and festivities
Guesting will be completely scrapped and the old server system (districts) will be reinstated
Player/guild housing will include dimension-ish building ability and the cost will be so prohibitively expensive that only those that farm extensively will be able to afford them, will probably use globs of ectoplasm or something equally rare. Maybe crafting will be worthwhile…. start levelling up huntsman, tailor, and artificer for furniture, curtains, and decorations!
New Playable Race – Teng–SKRITT! SHINIES~!
Who was right last year
Chris almost had it right that Old lore would be expanded in fractals, though we didn’t see anything that existed during GW1’s time period. He also predicted correctly that there would be no new expansion and that dungeons would not be nerfed.
The only thing that Celeste was remotely close on was that crafting has become slightly profitable/worthwhile.
This year….
Chris’ Predictions
Living story release schedule will slow down, and a move to more permanent content with smaller “throw away” living story elements.
We will see our first instanced group content for more that 5 in 2014. (i.e. Raid in an instance, not in the world)
To go along with the raid, the capability to form groups larger than 5 will be introduced.
There will be a new weapon for each class (and skills to go with it!) introduced.
There will be fractal versions of the Living Story available for play through at player’s convenience.
WuvWuv season two will not happen until later in 2014 (after summer)
Edge of the Mists will not take off, and players will simply use it as a static staging point for WuvWuv
Celeste’s Predictions
More fractals, of things that are not in either gw1 or gw2’s normal purview. perhaps Dessa will be able to focus the mists into the… future! All the way to the year 2000!
The feature only release scheduled for early in the year will include raids and improved player housing with a premium area similar to the Royal Pass.
In a shocking move, next year’s Jubilee will also be the celebration of Logan and Jennah’s marriage. This will incur my most swift wrath.
To replace Scarlet, we’ll finally get to see the Mursaat come into the Human territories. Spoilers: They’re still pissed that we opened the Door of Komalie and let the Titans through.
The Inquest will succeed in perfecting a way to harness/utilize the magic of a dragon (I think Primordius is an interesting possibility) and turn one of its lieutenants on the world
Due to massive complaints about the Living Story’s poor writing, it will be abandoned and a monthly quality of life update will be the norm between expansions.
Legendary armor components will be found within a continent-wide scavenger hunt.
Twitter Predictions
Allona – “I predict the next elder dragon we face will be a dragon made of budgies!” for the reason of “It would be terrifying … AND adorable.”
Peter Fries – “I predict that shenanigans will ensue”
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