The Repopulation Gets A New Kickstarter Campaign

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New campaign to focus on stretch goals.
Above and Beyond Technologies has kicked off a new Kickstarter campaign for its free-to-play sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation.
“The extra funding will allow us to better allocate resources and personnel to add the features listed without having a major impact on milestones moving toward release,” the developer wrote in an announcement on the Repopulation website. “Along with these stretch goals, we will be able to add and polish more content before release so every extra $$ will not be strictly going to these stretch goals. There are quite a few and many of them are legitimately reachable so we encourage you to checkout the Kickstarter page for more info about them. For those who previously backed us, there is a Package Upgrade ‘Bump-Up’ available as well and we will need as much support as we can get to reach the stretch goals.”
Above and Beyond Technologies is targeting $50,000 and so far the game has raised $5,191 from 40 backers, with 30 days left to go. The Repopulation had a successful Kickstarter campaign back in July and managed to surpass its $25,000 funding goal and raised $53,169.
The Repopulation is a sci-fi sandbox MMORPG in development at indie studio Above and Beyond Technologies. The game is currently in alpha testing state and expected to enter beta testing in March 2014. You can support the project by voting for it on Steam Greenlight or making a pledge on the game’s Kickstarter page .


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