Lotro Reporter – 2013 Prediction Show

This year will see the addition of one more class with the expansion.
Heavy Hobbit tie in post update 9.
For F’s sake, I just want my damn Ent Play!
Layanor Predictions:
The new expansion will be announced in April and will be the Wilderlands. This will include north mirkwood and new areas such as dale, and a explorable lonely mountain instance cluster.
West Rohan will be an add on area and Helms deep will be a single 12 man raid. Much like the great river area. This will come out around July.
The second hobbit movie is December 2013. So I am going to guess a flashback raid with Smaug. They have already with Durins bane
The classes feel like they are just being rehashed over and over again. Even the revamps feel stale a few days after. There will be a new dwarf only class or elf only class.
Everyone wants a housing revamp. And Turbine has said it is too big of a job to do it. So they will leave the old areas open as is. And open a new instance for higher level players. Houses in Moria, Lothlorien, Rohan, and Enedwaith will open up.
Legendary items will get a update. Not a major one, just a UI update, such as a legacy tree of some sort to make the system make more sense from thee casual player.
Predictions for 2014
The Path’s of the Dead will be part of an instance pack
We’ll get a new festival
There will finally be a new hobby – golf
We’ll finally, finally get a new class
We won’t be getting much in the way of cosmetics until they figure out how to handle the inventory issue.
They will break apart the Rift.
Layanor’s Predictions
Moria instances will get scaled
Our first step into Gondor will be sesion play
No new 12 man instances
Trollshaws revamp


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