Dragon Quest Creator: ‘there Are No Talks’ For Dq11 On Smartphones

Dragon Quest creator: ‘There are no talks’ for DQ11 on smartphones
Mobile installments in RPG franchises aren’t exactly unheard of these days, but not every series is ready to trade in its controllers for a smartphone. In a recent addition to his Famitsu column, as translated by Siliconera, Square Enix mobile developer Takehiro Andou asked Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii about the possibility of Dragon Quest 11 reaching mobile devices.
“At the current stage, there are no talks about making DQ11 for smartphones,” Horii replied. “I believe that there’s still plenty left to overcome before we release a proper sequel for smartphones.”
While consoles might be prioritized during the launch of DQ11, the majority of the series will reach iOS and Android devices in Japan, including this winter’s port of Dragon Quest 10. Still, knocking around Slimes in DQ11 using a TV and tangible buttons sounds like a preferred starting point for the future installment.


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