Who Is Who In Europe: Nekki

Banzai Surfer
Stick Run Mobile
Describe what you do in one sentence: Our mission is making the world more interesting by igniting enthusiasm and inspring positive feelings through our games.
Where games are published: Facebook, Google+, Vkontakte, Naszaklasa, Apple App Store, Google Play
Working with publisher (if yes, then state who): No
Acting as a publisher (if yes, then who): Yes. But we are only publishing very few selected games, such as “Stick Run Mobile”, which is a mobile conversion of Facebook’s most successful arcade game of all times. Our main goal is to develop our own IPs.
Screenshot from mobile game: Vector
Publishing games in which languages: Up to 20 languages. Mainly we publish our games in English and Russian.
Game genre/s: Economic Simulations, Manager Games, Arcade, Slots – we don’t limit our self to certain genres.
User demographics (gender): 80% male / 20% female
User demographics (location): Our top games, like Vector are successful in many regions: Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, North and South America
Best-selling virtual item (also indicate price and for which game): “5.000 coins package” in Vector for 0,99 USD
Most expensive virtual item (also indicate price and for which game): – A pair of Swords with +90% damage in our arcade game Shadow Fight on Facebook. (Price ca.  5 USD)
– 3 licensed real stadium designs in our Football Manger 11×11 on Facebook (Price ca. 10 USD)
What do you see as the current most exciting trend in the industry: Crossplatform gaming

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.socialgamesobserver.com/nekki-social-games-17040


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