This Week In Tech Stock: Earnings Bode Well For Facebook & Netflix, Not So Much For Apple & Yahoo

MSFT ChartCheck it out, sports fans: We’ve compiled a fun little chart showing exactly how well earnings season went for the top publicly traded companies in tech.
And it’s a delightfully mixed bag. Powerhouse Apple and still-struggling Yahoo went into a power slump, while Netflix rode Kevin Spacey and a women’s prison biopic to a 24 percent gain.
Here’s who we’re watching:
Facebook showed it understands mobile with a report revealing more than half of all revenue in Q4 2013 came from mobile.
Yahoo, on the other hand, showed yet another quarter of decline in spite of its charismatic leadership.
Microsoft outdid estimates for profit and revenue based on strong Xbox and cloud business.
Netflix grew its customer base by 2 million new subscribers , sending its stock price into a dizzying spike.
Google had its profits and revenues in line, but it lost ground in mobile .
Apple shipped a ton of devices but missed some key estimates .
Here’s how that played out in the public markets, as shown in percentage change:
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